Sister I-live has been a reggae icon in the S.F. Bay area and California in general. She has garnered a well deserved loyal following. Always a memorable performer, her conscious lyrics, and her sometimes-bawdy style, is all I-live. She is a real special performer. All who have seen her can tell you the same. She is deservingly called the “Dancehall Diva”.




Sister I-live was born and raised in the Parish of West Moreland, Jamaica, west Indies. Her career in singing began in her local Parish church choir and her school choir. She became apart of the local Youth Club Concerts where she became a favorite. This exposure inspired her to start writing her own songs. She and her friends would frequently go to the beach side with guitars and drums, chanting for hours. Some of these songs made it to her albums. A popular fixture at the dancehalls, where her dancing and chanting on the mike made her a crowd pleaser Sister I-live would dance all night to all kinds of music.


From an early age, Sister I-Live was interested in seeking a spiritual way of life. At fourteen she began visiting and reasoning with local Rasta bredren and sistren. She loved attending the Nyabinghi groundations where  Rastas would chant together with drums. In 1973, she began to grow her dread locks and further her commitment to Rastafari.


Sister I-Live moved to California in 1984 where she started singing as DJ, toasting and singing over local sound systems. She then began singing on stage shows, backing local performers. In 1987, Sister Live formed the band CHOSEN FEW. This band consisted of some of the top musicians in California, and set a trend for her bands in the future. Beginning to get recognition for her talent, I-Live left for England to check out the  scene and do some recording.


In 1989 she returned to California and organized a backup band the ELEVATIONS. Though the band wasn’t the best, I-Live worked with them until they finally came to their own as the tight unit behind Sister I-Live. This project became quite successful, performing with the top names in Reggae, and showcasing the Diva in her. Because of her personality and obvious talent she was able to carry things until she was able to come together with the OUT OF MANY ONE Band. This band once again had the best players around, and was an internationally respected group of musicians. This band backed up many great reggae artists and eventually were known as the REVOLUTIONARY DREAM BAND with PABLO MOSES.


Sister I-Lives first album, JAH GUIDE, was released in 1989 on Out Of Many One records. Since those times I-Live has truly become the “Dancehall Diva”, personified. She has performed with many of the top reggae artists and is highly respected amongst those artists. She has a big heart which is quite pbvious when you speak with her and see her perfom. Her performances are infectious, and new comers to her shows often find themselves leaving singing and wanting more. Her second album is near completion and will prove to all her vocal abilities. Sister I-Live is a lively performer whose dancing and warm presence infectiously moves her audiences. She puts out the Reggae message to the people encouraging them to be real. Love each other and enjoy the blessings Jah has extended to all people.