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Tosh 1 will join with other cannabis activists and organizations on a nation-wide tour of the United States to expose the hypocriticalandcriminal war against our Holy Herb, and bring critical attention to One of the most disturbing encroachments by government into the private lives of its citizens accomplished through manipulation of the legal and health care system in support of the interests of large pharmaceutical, paper, and oil corporations’ profits rather than supporting general wellness in the population. Herb is for the healing of the Nation!!!BE THERE AND BE A PART OF HISTORY IN THE MAKING.


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New Jersey Smoke Out and Jury Nullification


4/20 Smoke out at the New Jersey Statehouse


Trenton, NJ—April 7, 2014 Jawara McIntosh, who performs as Tosh1, will appear with Ed Forchion, the New Jersey Weedman on April 20th, at the NJ420 Rally. Rally begins at noon, in front of the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton, and will call attention to Governor Chris Christie’s obstruction of the spirit of the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, signed into law by outgoing Governor Corzine on January 18th, 2010.

Tosh is the youngest son of legendary Reggae icon, Peter Tosh, who’s remembered for his fiery social activism, immortalized in his songs Legalize It; Get Up, Stand Up; and Equal Rights. Following an arrest after being pulled over on Highway 17 in Mahwah, New Jersey on June 14, 2013, McIntosh was charged with possession of more than 25 pounds of marijuana, an offense that could land him in prison for 10-20 years. According to Tosh, the reason for the stop was DWD — Driving While Dread.

A long history of racial profiling in New Jersey is now beginning to look endemic, leaving the State looking unable to root out racism in its police. The question now is, when will people of color regain their constitutional freedom of movement in New Jersey?

Tosh will appear at Bergen County Court following the rally, April 21st to defend his case and battle for freedom and the fulfillment of his father’s Legalize It campaign. The case comes at a watershed moment for the movement, as a further 13 states prepare to follow Colorado and Washington and legalize cannabis in 2014.

Supporters claim that the Tosh case underlines the hypocrisy of a legal situation where life-saving medicinal benefits of the Herb are recognized by the state, yet severe criminal penalties remain for those outside its medical program, explaining, “Weedman and Tosh continue the campaign of herb freedom fighters like Peter Tosh, as do all who help The Healing of the Nation. These are true Patriots.”

NJWeedman won a crucial victory in 2013 when he was acquitted over a pound of pot, successfully following a jury nullification strategy. Citing scientifically proven medical benefits, and invoking his First Amendment Rights for religious freedom, Weedman was found ‘not guilty’ as a result of his informing the jurors of their obligation to judge the suitability of the law, as well as the guilt or innocence of the accused. Utilizing the jury nullification defense, the long-time cannabis campaigner successfully demonstrated that juries, when informed of their right to make that choice, will not convict those accused unjustly of what they perceive as a politically motivated, victimless crime.

Jury Nullification, the people’s “top-secret constitutional right,” will be highlighted at NJ420. The rally promises to educate and empower those affected by criminalization of their medicine, or, as in the case of Rastafari and other religious groups, their sacrament.

The rally begins at noon at the Veterans Park in front of the Statehouse. Marchers will gather at Trenton Amtrak Train Station at 2:00 for the 1.8 mile trek to the park.

Follow the Tosh Case here.

TOSH 1 Speaks to the Crowd at the 420 demo at the New Jersey State Capital 4/20/2014
tosh marley fuchion
Tosh 1, Makeda Marley, look on as Ed Forchion (NJ Weedman)addresses the crowd and the press. The event was well attended and covered.
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Jawara McIntosh, youngest son of Reggae legend Peter Tosh, walked out of Bergen County Jail last night, six months after he was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Like 73% of prisoners behind bars awaiting trial, McIntosh was unable to pay the $200,000 bail set for his release. Nor did he have the non-refundable $20,000 he would have had to pay to the bondsmen. A donor who believes, like a growing number, that having to serve time behind bars just because you are poor, is unconstitutional. These are citizens who are innocent in the eyes of the law, until proven guilty. Yet, today, Prisons-for-Proft, regularly trade in human beings who have not been convicted of a crime. They make money off of them. This trade has a name: Slavery.

The secret is over” said Tosh. “Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say that mean the most. Sometimes its the things we don’t do that get the most done. Sometimes its the questions we don’t ask, that reveals the truth.

Tosh 1 is out!

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