legalizeLegalize IT!Cannabis Heals!! TOUR BEING PLANNED 2016

Tosh 1 will join with other cannabis activists and organizations on a nation-wide tour of the United States to expose the hypocritical and criminal war against our Holy Herb, and bring critical attention to One of the most disturbing encroachments by government into the private lives of its citizens accomplished through manipulation of the legal and health care system in support of the interests of large pharmaceutical, paper, and oil corporations’ profits rather than supporting general wellness in the population. Herb is for the healing of the Nation!!!BE THERE AND BE A PART OF HISTORY IN THE MAKING.


Tosh 1, Makeda Marley, look on as Ed Forchion (NJ Weedman)addresses the crowd and the press. The event was well attended and covered.


April 27, 2015

Jawara McIntosh, aka Tosh 1, has been offered a plea bargain by Bergen County DA's office. Tosh was arrested with a female companion in Bergen County, following a questionable traffick stop on the freeway, where 65 pounds of Holy Cannabis was found in the trunk of his rental car.


Tosh 1, like his father before him, has refused to take a plea on his herb case in Bergen County, New Jersey. In his own words,

"I was doing nothing wrong to be stopped in the first place. And I will stand for my rights when it comes to cannabis, as a Rasta. I feel this situation is my calling from the Most High to stand for the decriminalization of the Holy Herb. I feel my father's spirit and more. SO I can do nothing else but take this forward to a trial in Babylon."

The Justice Reform Coalition agrees with Tosh, and is providing their support."We believe the anti-cannabis laws are not only reactionary and wrong, but are un-constitutional, and illegal on their face", is the official position of the civil rights and justice activist group.


Tosh 1 appeared in court in Bergen County today. Once again refusing the DA's plea deal. The hearing was continued to an unspecified date while Tosh's attorneys prepare to add additional points and authorities to his defense.

The additional points and authorities were part of the pecedent setting case presented in Florida by Rasta attorney and cannabis researcher and activist, Heru Atta. The brethren is now and advisor and supporter on this case.

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