studio1Lloyd Barnes (born 1944 in Jamaica),[1] popularly known as Bullwackie, is the founder of the independent record label Wackies specialized in Jamaican music. He is truly one of the legends of carribean music. He is one of the top engineers in the world, recording carribean music worldwide. He has developed a very recognizable sound, sought after worldwide by artists from Jamaica to Japan.

Barnes was a protégé of Prince Buster, and recorded several classic singles during the 1960s.Lloyd Barnes worked for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label as an engineer before emigrating to The BronxNew York, in the early 1970s. Here he founded the Wackie's House Of Music record store, and behind this shop-front was the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States. The Bullwackie's and Wackies labels followed, along with other imprints such as Senrab, Hamma, and Senta.

Barnes also recorded the group Aksumites, including recordings by Andrew McCalla and Joe Aksumite, two of the group members who have recorded with him since the inception of Wackie's House of Music, and during the late 1970s and early 1980s he produced artists suchwackie1 as Horace AndySugar MinottJunior BylesRoland AlphonsoTyrone Evans, and Lee "Scratch". Later productions included work by Jackie Mittoo. Barnes also operated a sound system, which he used as an outlet for the Wackies recordings.

Barnes presently resides in the Wakefield neighborhood in the New York City borough of the Bronx, where he owns and operates a classic state of the art music studio. Wackies is know for it's ultra clean sound, driving bass, and out front studio2vocals. His dub albums are all classic examples of the genre.

In the early eighties he took his sound to Japan, and influenced and recorded Japan's first international reggae artists, Nahki and Mute Beat who he brought to the United States through the auspices of Olufunmi Presents and Roots Rock Records. Both companies were part of the Rastafari Order Of Olufunmi, headquartered in San Francisco at the time. Roots Rock Records, run by D.J. Daddy "E", was distributing Wackie records on the West Coast. Olufunmi Presents was producing events and tours with many of reggae's classic artists. It was asisting many of these artists with their first appearances and work on the West Coast. Through these two efforts, the Wackie's sound was introduced to the Western United States, along with the Wackie's Rhythm Force. A classic series of tours and shows with the Wackie's Rhythm Force backing many of the artists recorded by Bull Wackie were booked.

Wackie continues to set the bar in recorded sound and in introducing exceptional new talent, as well as classic artists. Olufunmi's Director Rev Odeye (The Rev), and Lloyd Barnes became fast friends, which is how AO Management became a part of the Wackie's legend and is honored with reuniting the reggae massive and others with the Wackie Rhythm Force and sound.